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Extra Long Take Bug Fixed

A bug prevents long takes more than one hour and 22 minutes or so in several video modes fixed.

As of today modified modes in the newest MewPro Iliad software version 1.3.7 1.3.8 for Hero 4 are

  • 4k at 12.5fps (Hero 4 Silver only)
  • 2.7k at 48fps, 30fps
  • 2.7k 4:3 at 30fps

If you don’t shoot any long continuous takes more than an hour without a pause then updating your Iliad or Bastet is NOT NECESSARY.

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360° Videos at Japanese Cat Island

We have uploaded three 360-degree videos shot using seven GoPro cameras and MewPros.

Note 1. Please watch these clips in 4K settings and use the navigation wheel at the top left corner. Currently 4K 360-degree viewing is possible in Chrome, Edge or Firefox.
Note 2. If you are viewing them on an iOS device please install and launch the YouTube app. Then move the smartphone/tablet around to get its display revealing the scene.

Videos by seven GoPro Hero 4 Black + MewPro 2 with Bastet in 4K 30fps, Wide.

Video 1.

youtubeiconiOS: Open this video in YouTube app

Video 2.

youtubeiconiOS: Open this video in YouTube app

Video by seven GoPro Hero 3+ Black + MewPro 2 with Bastet in 2.7K 30fps, Wide

Video 3.

youtubeiconiOS: Open this video in YouTube app

These footages were taken using our original “Mani Wheel” rig with a modification to accommodate an additional camera pointing the zenith.

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How To Update Bastet Firmware

The way to update MewPro Bastet’s firmware is shown in this post.

We designed MewPro Bastet to be easily updated in the same way as the MewPro 2 board: To do so should require only the following.

  • Arduino IDE software
  • Sparkfun FTDI breakout (3.3V) hardware

However, since the current Arduino IDE doesn’t have supported Bastet’s microcontroller ATmega328PB yet, a rather complicated preparation is required.

The detailed instruction is here.

Once the IDE is ready in your PC then the actual updating can be done in the same way as what you usually do with your MewPro 2 boards.

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Letter From GoPro

Today we received a letter from GoPro.

What should we do? Any ideas?

(The date “8 May” written in received letter is wrong. We received this letter today. Also we notice that there is a strange word “gunlock” in the letter.)

UPDATE 24 May 2017: Our attorney sent a reply to GoPro.

UPDATE 18 May 2017: Dead line for replying the mail has been extended to 24 May 2017. We are consulting a lawyer now.

UPDATE 12 May 2017: Signature is painted orange because the sender requested to do so.