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List of I²C Commands

Here is a list of I²C Commands among master/slave Bacpac™ of GoPro Dual System and GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

MewPro emulates not only the listed commands but also controls power supply of GoPro body (one letter ‘@’ command) and configures itself as master or slave (one letter ‘!’ command).

Examples: (Connect GoPro and MewPro and type a command followed by a return in your Arduino IDE Serial Monitor)

  • @ : power on (MewPro command)
  • PW0 : shutdown GoPro
  • TM0E0A0D090F00 : set GoPro clock to 2014-10-13 09:15:00 (hexadecimal of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)
  • SY1 : shutter (camera mode) or start record (video mode)
  • SY0 : stop record (video mode)

Note: Some commands may not work as expected. It may depend on the role of BacPac™, master or slave. Try changing the MewPro role by entering ‘!’. This one letter command as well as power-on command ‘@’ are special built-in commands of MewPro and not listed in below.