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Herobus plug w/ built-in Arduino for Genlocking GoPro Hero 3+ Black

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Description: Plugged to GoPro Hero 3+ Black camera and the built-in microcontroller changes its mode to 3D capture or genlock. This plug is interchangeable with our MewPro 1 boards w/ Arduino Pro Mini and/or can be mingled together with them.

An article, introduction to MewPro Cable is to appear soon. Meanwhile please refer the previous document “How to use MewPro Genlock Dongle”.


  • Compact design: Microcontroller and other electronics is inside the plug enclosure.
  • Exclusively for genlock and easy to use.


  • GoPro Hero 3+ Black (Note: Currently GoPro Hero 4s are not supported. This is because GoPro hasn’t release a new firmware supporting Dual Hero System, yet.)
  • GoPro Dual Hero System
  • MewPro Genlock Dongle(s)
Product Options
Herobus connector PCB w/ SMD parts soldered Microcontroller Cable MewPro Genlock Dongle Software installed Remark
Slave plug only ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ for all but camera #0 in dual dongle configuration (see Note)
Master plug only ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ only for camera #0 in dual dongle configuration (see Note)
Five plugs + one dongle + cable soldered pack ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ five 30cm six-core 1 ✔︎ all items (five plugs/cables and one dongle) are soldered

Remark: The product variation “Five plugs + one dongle + cable soldered pack” is for plug-and-play installation of a single dongle configuration with six GoPro Hero 3+ Black cameras. The price of the pack is calculated as follows:

  • 5 plugs @99.95USD = 499.75USD
  • 5 30cm six-core cables + charge @50USD = 250.00USD
  • 1 MewPro Genlock Dongle @49.95USD = 49.95USD
  • +
  • Total = 799.70USD

If you need more/less plugs, longer/shorter cables or your rig is better suited for dual dongle configuration, please contact us; we’ll send a custom PayPal invoice for you.
Also soldering/making the plug-and-play pack requires minimum of 4 days before shipping. If you order a tailor-made pack consists of many plugs (more than 5) usually requires 4 or more days.

Disclaimer:Please note this is not an official product of GoPro. We do reverse engineering of the camera protocol and thus the knowledge is limited. The product is sold here in a hope that it may be useful for someone, but there is no guarantee it will be useful for your particular purposes. The hardware and software may contain many bugs.

Note:The difference between master and slave plugs is only at pre-installed software whether RXI of hardware UART is disabled or not. You can manage the difference after purchase by installing software by yourself.


Note: The price has been modified due to technical reasons (25 Feb. 2016).

Additional information

Weight 6.5 g
Dimensions 28 x 9 x 34 mm

Slave plug only, Master plug only, Five plugs + one dongle + cable soldered pack


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