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Herobus pinout of GoPro Hero 3+ Black

There is a receptacle on the back of newer GoPro cameras.

The model number of the receptacle is JAE DD1R030HA1R1300 or JAE DD1R030JA7R1300. The receptacle mates male connectors DD1B030HA1R500, DD1B030VA1, and DD1P030MA1. (cf. JAE documentations)

The connectors look very similar ones that are used by Apple’s iPods or older iPhones, but they have different keys and can’t pair.

MewPro uses a compatible connector to DD1P030MA1 and, for some technical reasons, the footprint on the PCB is designed for non-genuine one. You can buy this non-genuine but compatible connector from Ridax store where the product name is “DOCK CONNECTOR FOR PCB HOLE MOUNTING FOR SANDISK/GOPRO”, or you can order us a variation of MewPro that already includes a Herobus connector soldered.

Below is a list of pins on the connector.

Note: Pin numbering is in the reverse order to, for example, Ridax’s breakout PCB or some GoPro forum posts. According to JAE’s documents they are wrong and the reverse order to them IS correct. Thus from now on our site and our products shall adopt the JAE’s pin order.

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List of I²C Commands

Here is a list of I²C Commands among master/slave Bacpac™ of GoPro Dual System and GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

MewPro emulates not only the listed commands but also controls power supply of GoPro body (one letter ‘@’ command) and configures itself as master or slave (one letter ‘!’ command).

Examples: (Connect GoPro and MewPro and type a command followed by a return in your Arduino IDE Serial Monitor)

  • @ : power on (MewPro command)
  • PW0 : shutdown GoPro
  • TM0E0A0D090F00 : set GoPro clock to 2014-10-13 09:15:00 (hexadecimal of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)
  • SY1 : shutter (camera mode) or start record (video mode)
  • SY0 : stop record (video mode)

Note: Some commands may not work as expected. It may depend on the role of BacPac™, master or slave. Try changing the MewPro role by entering ‘!’. This one letter command as well as power-on command ‘@’ are special built-in commands of MewPro and not listed in below.