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Timelapse Photography with MewPro

New versions of MewPro and Genlock Dongle software are available at GitHub. This time GoPro’s timelapse shooting is supported.

Genlock Dongle v1.2

As well as the software updates the enclosure of MewPro Genlock Dongle, which is shipped after last weekend, is updated to have our company logo. Yawn…

How to update your MewPro and/or Genlock Dongle software

Both of our products have Arduino Pro Mini embedded. So these new pieces of software should be uploaded to the corresponding microprocessor. If you are the first time to burn software to MewPro please also refer our MewPro introduction here.

Step 1 Download the latest source code from GitHub:

Step 2 Launch Arduino IDE (If you don’t have Arduino IDE yet please download/install it from Arduino – Software).

Step 3 Modify the source codes to fit your needs. Especially if you use MewPro with Genlock Dongle the following are required:

  • (MewPro.ino) old: boolean debug = true; -> new: boolean debug = false;
  • (MewPro.ino) old: #undef USE_GENLOCK -> new: #define USE_GENLOCK

Step 4 Upload the software by using FTDI. To do this it is convenient using a temporary header with MewPro like this
or with Genlock Dongle like this

FTDI, L-shaped pin header, paper clip and Dongle
FTDI, L-shaped pin header, paper clip and Dongle

Using temporary header with Genlock Dongle
Using temporary header with Genlock Dongle

Note 1: If your MewPro or Dongle is connected to GoPro camera or Dual Hero please detach it by herobus connector before uploading. This is because Genlock Dongle has wires soldered to UART pins (TXO and RXI) and camera or Dual Hero may interfere with signals between FTDI and MewPro/Dongle.

Note 2: MewPro’s EEPROM must be set to “master” if it is used with Genlock Dongle. However, if you buy MewPro (w/ Arduino Pro Mini soldered) with Genlock Dongle from our shop then your EEPROM has already been set to so and you don’t need to touch it.


Timelapse of 0.5 seconds or 1 second is not possible if you use Dual Hero System or MewPro. So please set the interval equal to or more than 2 seconds otherwise GoPro will automatically rewrite the setting to 2 seconds when the bacpac is recognized.

Also timelapse of 2 seconds seems unstable if you use Genlock Dongle. So it is safe to set interval more than 2 seconds.

In our experiments on GoPro timelapse mode failings to set one of admissible time interval caused firmware corruptions of GoPro camera. So if timelapse doesn’t work for you we suspect your firwmare also might has been corrupted. In case please re-install GoPro’s firmware again.