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MewPro Cable Is Coming

A new product MewPro Cable is coming on the next month. It is targeted at possible MewPro Dongle or genlock users who has less room at the back of GoPros on their rig.

MewPro Cable has following features.

  • PCB fits within Herobus male connector casing.
  • Compatible with MewPro’s version w/ Arduino Pro Mini etc.
  • Works with MewPro Dongle.
  • For genlocking delete/align unnecessary/necessary pins.

That is, the current product MewPro w/ Arduino Pro Mini will be shrunk to the size of PCB (green) in the photo below:
(Note: The PCB in the photo is a fake and not an actual one because it is not ready, yet.)

The price will be the same as before.

Technical Details

MewPro Cable uses AVR ATtiny1634 as microcontroller and this is different from current MewPro that uses AVR ATmega328.

Since ATtiny1634 is newer than ATmega328, it has a sophisticated, perfect slave I2C hardware. This new I2C architecture enables us to eliminate the necessity of external I2C EEPROM in order GoPro camera to recognize MewPro as mimicked Dual Hero System.

To use ATtiny1634’s great I2C hardware, we made WireS library from scratch. The library is usable under Arduino IDE and downloadable from GitHub (

The following photos are a prototype of MewPro Cable using ATtiny1634.