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MewPro in Jǐnán China

MewPros to synchronize a 40-camera motion capture system for studying bats during flight, Hunter McClelland (hgm at vt dot edu) a researcher working with Shāndōng University, Jǐnán, China, and Virginia Tech University told us today.

The following photos are courtesy of Hunter McClelland, Dr. Rolf Mueller (project leader), Matt Bender (senior code developer) and the team of researchers:

Many GoPros with MewPro
Many GoPros with MewPro
Dual Hero and Genlock Dongles
Dual Hero and Genlock Dongles
Flight tunnel
Flight tunnel
Soldering wires to MewPros and Dongles...
Soldering SMD parts and wires to MewPros and Dongles…

We are very glad to hear about this kind of user reports. 🙂

Bug Reports

The above team of researchers also found some issues in MewPro+Dongle system including:

A) start-frame error, i.e. cameras begin frame 1 of their videos at different starting times.
This turned out to be a bug in Genlock Dongle code and should be fixed now.
B) inner-frame delay, i.e. cameras are not taking pictures at exactly the same time.
To genlock every scan line must nearly attain image sensor’s performance limit. So we don’t think this is a bug in our system and/or signaling.

These kind of bug reports are also welcome as MewPro is an open source project.