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Tips on Arduino Console w/ Double Dongles

When genlocking in dual dongle configuration a serial terminal such as Arduino IDE’s console can be attached to MewPro #0 that is on the back of GoPro #0 (see top-right of the following figure).


Any sensors or switches can be also installed to the board and they will work for starting/stopping of all cameras.

Note: In single dongle configuration the controlling GoPro #0 has no MewPro board attached. So the method described in this post is not relevant.

Tips on Arduino Console

  1. Output displayed in console is nothing but I2C command sent to Dual Hero Bacpac.
  2. Console settings are: baud [57600], enter key emulation [Newline].
  3. Compile MewPro with #undef UART_RECEIVER_DISABLE (this is the default).
  4. The I2C command you type in is not displayed at all but don’t worry it is surely sent to GoPro #0.
  5. To start recording type “SY1”. This will start all cameras.
  6. To stop recording type “SY0”. This will stop all cameras.
  7. Power on/off all cameras is done by “@” and “PW0”, respectively.
  8. Change mode command “CM” and so on works only for GoPro #0.
    In order to distribute the changes to other cameras, type “td”.
  9. “UM” command is special. The command is not sent to Dual Hero Bacpac but sent to all cameras.