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Dongle w/ Reset Switch

Today I prepared a tailor-made system consists of five MewPros and one Dongle for a patron of our shop.

The regular customer saw our latest blog post and liked to update their system to fulfil those “Tips” or conditions written there as soon as possible. 🙂

The following is the image of the unit:

There is a hazard switch (as usually seen in a car), which is the reset. The button is known to be useful in the following cases:

  1. After assembling MewPros, GoPros, Dual Hero, and Dongle(s), some cameras are power on and some off. This is a normal situation but a bit unstable. Then please try pushing the reset button for getting the same effect as detaching/attaching all MewPros and Dongle.
  2. After powering on the master camera, sometimes we see an alert message “3D SYNC LOST”. In this case please wait until power goes off automatically. Then please push the reset button before the master camera’s power button. It will solve the problem.

Remark: If you are one of other MewPro 2 customers and also like to update ATtiny1634’s fuse (B.O.D.) or firmware please contact us. Generally, we will give firmware updates free of charge.

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