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Long Distance Genlock

Using 100 meter Cat5e Ethernet cable, GoPro Hero 3+ Black and MewPro we succeeded in genlocking at long distance.

One of our best customers recently reported to us that Genlock Dongle + MewPro system didn’t work if cable length was very long.

To overcome the issue we consider electrical isolation of long cables will suffice. We insert buffers (74HC4050 a hex non-inverting buffer) between the Genlock Dongle and each of the cables to MewPros, and voilà it works!

Buffer schematics:

We made a Genlock Booster consisted of seven 74HC4050’s and enclosed in a box. The Genlock Booster is for use with eight cameras in single dongle configuration.

Testing out 100 meter Cat5e Ethernet cable:

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